Here Are Some Of Our Products!

• Dilator sets, Trocar catheters, Surgical packs, Nephrostomy sets, Drainage bags and connecting tubes.
• Dialysis catheters, Foley catheters, Drainage Catheters, Biliary catheters, Inflation devices.
• Biopsy instruments (needles and guns), Craniotomy set, Surgical gowns
• Biliary Stents, Introducer sheaths, Introducer needles, Amplatz and Hydrophilic Guide wires, Filter sets, TIPS set, etc.
• Hospital consumables such as clean and surgical gloves, gauzes and gauze swabs, gowns etc.
• BP machine, thermometers, weighing machines etc.
• Ultrasound machines

• Hubei Yinkang Medical Equipment

  1. Medical Stretcher
  2. Medical Electric Exam Table
  3. Medical Bedside Cabinet
  4. Medical Trolley
  5. Medical Mobile Examination Bed Light
  6. Medical Stainless Steel Stand
  7. Medical Overhead Table
  8. Medical Electric Wheelchair
  9. Medical Chair
  10. Medical Stainless Steel Dish
  11. Medical Hospital Bed
  12. Medical Mattress

Argon Biopsy Needles

Argon All Purpose Drainage

Nephrostomy Kits
Pigtail Catheters
Connecting Tubes
Biliary Catheters

Biometrix Products


Hydrophilic Guide wires
Minor Surgical Packs

Ella CS Products

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